Bratislava city views

One of my favorite activities while traveling is visiting view points, tall buildings, hills or any other lookout points. During this tour I will guide you through the nicest view points in Bratislava. The tour takes four hours. We will walk and move by car.

  • Our first stop will be Bratislava Castle – the most important sight in the city with history dating back to the Celtic times and a great opportunity to see the town from above. We will enter the castle tower that offers one of the nicest 360 degree views of Bratislava. One more view in the area will be from the terrace of the Slovak parliament building. Here we will talk about the present and past.
  • In the historical center we will visit the tower at the Old Town Hall that offers the best view at the Main Square. We will talk about the main sights, the city markets in the past, and Maximilian’s fountain.
  • And the best view at the end! We will drive to the New Bridge with UFO on the top (Most SNP). We will talk about Vydrica – city area destroyed to make space for the bridge that was constructed between 1967 – 1972 and later became the construction of the century. From here we will also have a great view at St. Martin’s Cathedral that used to be the coronation church of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Hungary. In total the coronations of eleven kings and queens plus their eight wifes took part in the church between 1563 – 1830.
  • We can also extend the tour and visit one or two view points in the nature. Kamzík TV tower has a restaurant that turns around within an hour and offers great views and opportunity to see the green area of our city. Another option is to hike up the highest point in Bratislava – Devínska Kobyla (514 m) that has a viewing platform with views at Devín Castle, rivers Morava and Danube, Vienna, and even Alps mountain range on clear days.




  • Start and end: your hotel (let me know if you would like to start somewhere else)
  • Price: 65 eur/ per person (group of 4 pax)
  • Includes: all entrance fees within the itinerary
  • Includes: driver/guide
  • Other prices apply for different group size. Please let me know how large is your group and we will negotiate the exact price.

The tour is available in all seasons, all year around. There might be changes because of weather and opening hours of sights. The exact itinerary will be agreed before the tour start. This is approximately a four hour tour. If you would like to do more than listed in the itinerary, or even drive outside of Bratislava, let me know, we can always add some extra activities.


UFO Bridge