Danube – Auen National Park


Staying a few days in Bratislava with an interest to see a bit of Danube nature and cross the Slovak – Austrian border on foot?

This half day trip (8.30 – 15.00) will start with your pick up in Bratislava. We will drive to Hainburg – one of the towns on the Slovak – Austrian border. We will stop for pictures on the top of a hill called Braunsberg located above the Danube river and the town. The hill used to be a Celtic town and also has Roman history.


Right after we will start our walk through the National park Donau-Auen along the Danube river direction to Bratislava. It is 11 km long, flat and easy with several stops. In the summer time there is a possibility to swim on surprisingly nice Danube beaches. Especially one that has a view of the Devín castle located across the river in Slovakia.
We will finish the tour crossing the Austrian – Slovak border and driving back to your accommodation.


During the day we will talk about the Danube river, National park Donau-Auen, the nearby Hainburg, Devín, and Bratislava castle, about the borders in the past, and other topics related to the location.


  • Start: 8.30 (let me know if you would like to start earlier or later)
  • Pick up and return: your hotel (let me know if you would like to start somewhere else)
  • End: 15.00
  • Price: 20 eur/ per person (group of 3 pax)
  • Includes: driver/guide, small snack
  • Other prices apply for different group size. Please let me know in advance how large is your group and we will negotiate the exact price.

The tour is available in all seasons. Summer time gives you a better possibility to swim in the Danube river. If you would like to do more, we can always add some extra activities and organise a full day tour.


  • Hainburg castle visit (Austria)
  • Carnuntum – Roman fortress (Austria)
  • Wartime bunker (Slovakia)

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